Potter Pimping & Tattoo

Zomg, I actually kept one of mine (usually useless) resolutions!

You see, after The Big Move to IJ I decided to actually do something other than read and lurk in the HP fandom, but since I can't draw or write fanfic the choices seemed pretty limited. Then on daily_snitch I stumbled on a post searching for editors for an IJ based HP newsletter...and here I am!

As of today I'm officially one of the regular editors of [info]potter_prophet :))

I'll post every wednesday, and even get to make an "editor's choice" *squees*. Go check it out, you'll find links to fics, art and more or less everything HP related that happens on IJ.


Remember my last post? Well, my craving for a second tattoo hasn't gone away...after I saw [info]painless_j's wonderful Snape tat I'm definitely set on the idea.
I want something HP related and small, since it will probaly go on my left ankle (to balance the one with the little CLAMP blackbird) or, if I'm feeling extremely brave, on my inner wrist.
I was thinking maybe a snitch? Or a very brief quote?
Any suggestions?


Woot, congrats!
Thank you :D
About the potter_prophet, congratulations are in order! :)

About your tattoo… I like the snitch idea is very nice – a bit Griffyndorish, perhaps… Were I to choose a quote I think I would like a Latin one, two words or three maybe… Something like “fluctuat nec mergitur” or “Abstine et sustine”, “Mihi res, non me rebus” (Oh, Horace!), or “sub lege libertas”, for example.
I might write down a short list of suggestions for you if you 1) indicate a particular topic, 2) like the idea, 3) don’t mind!

Mmm… I ‘d like a tattoo very much, but I can’t sustain the very idea of physical pain… *not exactly the brave Gryffindor*
Thanks! It's a small victory over my shyness and lazyness, so i'm feeling very proud of myself right now *g*

I &herts; the Horace quote! I'd like some more suggestions, as for the topic...maybe something general about magic? What I'd really want is something that would remind me of Draco and Snape -something Slytherin, in short. Just not a snake, both because of size problems and because it's a bit overdone. Argh, it's so difficult to choose!

Lol, I know you won't believe me -even my frind didn't right up to the moment they started working on het tat- but I swear it's not painful! Not like one imagines it, at least. It hurts a lot *less* than waxing, it's more like a tingly, slightly burning feeling. To me it felt strangely like getting high, actually *looks shifty* but maybe I'm just a closeted masochist :P
Oooh! Draco and Severus! I like it! A little burning you say… I’ll reconsider my “chi-rho” (like the one Byzantine soldiers had) tattoo idea … Those two are so so… oooh! * incoherent sounds*
I’ll sleep on it and then the god will talk through my body.. ok, maybe I should restrain myself now… Have you thought about some alchemical seal? There are a lot of those snake-themed… Even an ouroboros perhaps… *mumbles mumbles*
Ooo, if I were to ever get a tattoo it'd definitely have something to do with Snaco . . . but then I'd probably hate myself for it when I was 60. *LOL!* X^D
Lol, I know the feeling. Bafore I got my first tat I was terrified that in a year I'd start to hate it :P
But it's been six years and I love it even more ^^

I think the it's important to chose an image because it means something to you beyond "Look! It's pretty!", and to choose a place to have it done that won't change drastically as time goes by. I mean, every time I see a girl with a tat on her breasts I wonder how she will like it when her cute butterfly gets stretched into a Munch's painting as gravity does her work, or afret she's had a child and the artwork gets mangled by stretch-marks...