[info]inkaddict wrote
on September 9th, 2007 at 12:34 am

Potter Pimping & Tattoo

Zomg, I actually kept one of mine (usually useless) resolutions!

You see, after The Big Move to IJ I decided to actually do something other than read and lurk in the HP fandom, but since I can't draw or write fanfic the choices seemed pretty limited. Then on daily_snitch I stumbled on a post searching for editors for an IJ based HP newsletter...and here I am!

As of today I'm officially one of the regular editors of [info]potter_prophet :))

I'll post every wednesday, and even get to make an "editor's choice" *squees*. Go check it out, you'll find links to fics, art and more or less everything HP related that happens on IJ.


Remember my last post? Well, my craving for a second tattoo hasn't gone away...after I saw [info]painless_j's wonderful Snape tat I'm definitely set on the idea.
I want something HP related and small, since it will probaly go on my left ankle (to balance the one with the little CLAMP blackbird) or, if I'm feeling extremely brave, on my inner wrist.
I was thinking maybe a snitch? Or a very brief quote?
Any suggestions?

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