List of H/D (post DH) fics for LU

*looks sheepish* Sorry Lu, late again -__-'

WARNING: all of these fics are set after DH, Beware of Spolilers!

Sins of the Fathers, by [info]blamebramptom, PG ♥ ♥
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Based on Sansa1970's 20 Random Facts about Scorpius Malfoy. One of the best post-DH fics I've red, it manages to be both H/D and A. Severus/Scorpius.

Owned, by jordangrant, WIP, *warnings*
The Malfoys have always been owned by the Potters. HP/DM. Deathly Hallows compliant although the epilogue is ignored.

Coda to an epilogue by Mistful ♥ ♥
1 2 3
Yes, yes I know it's not really HD. But come on, it's maya's last fic! It has croccodiles! Mini-Potters and mini-Malfoy lost in the sewers! You know you want to read it...

Blast from the past by [info]sulky_rhino, ficlet, humor.

What shakes the elephant by Daft Fear. WIP.

And Your Dreaming Meet by [info]fourth_rose
Harry to Draco: "I promise to wait for you."

The Debt by Rhysenn.

Indomitable by [info]furiosity, some harry/ginny,
Nineteen years later, life goes on.

Inter-house tongue session and Inter-House tie symposium, by marcasita.

Looking Out at Life by honeycakehorse, angst-drama, PG.
They always promised themselves they'd wait until Lily was only enough to go to Hogwarts

Not in the hands of Boys [info]fourth_rose, WIP ♥ ♥
In the long run, living takes a lot more courage than dying.

Settlement [info]celandineb, 6 parts for now, .
Thirty years after the war, Draco meets with Harry to settle their mutual life debts.

Walking with a ghost by kcstories, WIP.
It's Albus and Scorpius' third year at Hogwarts. Things aren't going too well, but Albus has a plan to change that, and soon unexpected help arrives in the shape of a ginger-haired ghost and a man who's been presumed dead for over two decades.

The years that walk between [info]femmequixotic, past SS/DM, NC-17, ♥ ♥.
Draco finds his way after the war -it's femme at her best. And it has Snaco! *glomps*

To fix what is broken by twistedmiracle, *Warnings*.

Twelve Years and its sequel Twelve Years Later (WIP) by [info]alaana_fair
How long can love wait?

Hard Time by [info]juwel, NC-17, WIP, *warnings*.
The war is over, and the Death Eaters must do hard time in Azkaban.

Architects of Memory by [info]lilithilien, WIP, very AU
The wizarding world is changed forever -- not by Voldemort's demise but by his disappearance -- and Harry must put things together again.

Jericho by [info]graylor

Rooms of Requirement by [info]empathic_siren, Implied Harry/Draco, with Harry/Ginny in the background, AU, NC-17.
There are some things that you can only have in your daydreams, or your fantasies.

Movung On by [info]florahart, 3 drabbles.

Promises to keep [info]silentautor, Romance, NC-17,
Written for The Eros Affair, for the love cheque: Harry to Draco: I promise to go down on you

A Matter of Unity by [info]kaycee, Harry/Draco, (A.Severus/Scorpius, Neville/Luna, Blaise/Ginny, Ron/Hermione), PG-13.
After catching theboys fighting, Professor Longbottom encourages Albus Severus and Scorpius to make a fresh start and assigns them a project on house

And All Over Again by Fathomlesspite, PG.
It's Lily Potter's first year at Hogwarts, it'll be the first year in thirteen since Ginny and Harry had the house to himself. But as Ginny has decided to take a course at a wizarding college in Egypt so Harry accepts a teaching position at Hogwarts. With old friends and enemies surrounding him, questions about his slowly disintegrating marriage are hard to ignore.

Investigations Series by [info]cruisedirector, [info]celandineb, NC-17.
Harry visits Malfoy Manor to return Draco's wand and finds himself happily rewarded.

Certain Dark Things by Bryoneybrynn, NC-17, *warnings*.
The year following DH. Harry and Draco both try to figure out life post-war. They end up thrown together by circumstance and an unlikely friendship forms. Then love and all that good stuff. It’s a story about healing and learning to love and be loved.

I Give You a Wondrous Mirror by lomonaaerem, NC-17, *warnings*.
Harry is too busy ten years after thewar to help out just one family, but that's exactly what he has to do. And as he hunts their enemy, magic no one understands is hunting him.

West of Never Again by [info]furiosity, NC-17, .
A lifetime of regret is sometimes only a day away.

Welcome to the Broom Closet by Janicechess, NC-17, epilogue-free, ♥ ♥
Harry thinks he knows how his life will go: Become an Auror. Marry Ginny. Have a family. But then he sees an advertisement in the paper that no one else can see, and his life is turned upside-down. The Broom Closet: you can be anyone you want while you're there, but you won't remember it in the morning.
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